Saturday, January 26, 2008


This Science Fair was just one very awesome experience for our family! We came a bit earlier, so I was able to take nice pictures of almost all the exhibits for our future scrapbook.
Some of them were simple, and some were so elaborate and creative!
The student who came up with this exhibit got the third prize in our category (1-4th grades).
The "Spiders" unit was phenomenal! There were 6 kids working together pulling the project. All the paper mache , the presentation, the artistic approach were stunning and just beautiful to look at.
I loved the "Solar System" presentation as well. The contract of black and the colorful planets just grabbed everybody's attention.

Ironically, I do not have a close up picture of the stand that got the first prize in our category. It just didn't strike me at first, but then later when I was going around once more to look at all the terrific work the kids had done, I came to realize that the exhibit was very simple, but extremely creative and visual. They made a castle that represented a human body, a head, to be exact, with the gates opened as a tongue, germs trying to sneak in and the soldiers, painted red and white for the blood cells, were trying to protect the castle. The set up reminded me of an animated French movie about human body that Mirek keeps on telling me about. He saw it when he was a little boy, and really loved it, so we've been trying to download the version for the girls.

All the kids got ribbons for excellent participation, and then the part announcing the winners came!
Milana was really interested in what was all the cheering and screaming about.
And... we got a SECOND prize in our category! There were more than 30 entrees total, and 18 in our category. And we also heard that there was a tie, and judges (3 PhD scientists!) kept on coming back to our and the castle exhibits, trying to ease the pain of a pretty tough decision making by looking at the projects over and over again. It took them more than 2 hours to set things straight!
It was a whole day event, basically. We were exhausted, but so uplifted and happy! Ivana was on the cloud nine since she got to take a second place trophy home. The place did not matter much to her, but the trophy did.
Leona was saying that her favorite exhibit was ours (good answer!) and the spiders and planets.
I should start planning things for the next year's fair! My competitive spirit has been awaken! Watch out!

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christinemm said...

Wow what an event. I am impressed at the trophies! In my area when homeschoolers do these events I've not seen trophies.

Glad you had fun participating and also being at the event and seeing the other exhibits.