Thursday, June 10, 2010

Memories dear to me.

I have very few things that are very dear to me. The things I managed to bring from my homeland. The things that remind me of my far away loved ones and the times of my youth.

The golden earrings were given to me on my 5th birthday. My grandma from my Dad's side did make sure that I have something to remember her by, even now, approaching my 35th birthday.
The watch, made in the country that no longer exists (the USSR), was my Mom's present when I graduated from high school and got accepted into the university. And, since it was made more than 20 years ago, it is considered antique.

Today was a special day for me as I have my watch picked up from a repair shop. They had been tucked away for at least 8 years, patiently waiting to be brought to life again. And it finally happened! Now I need to get back into the habit of winding then up every morning.

And last week I was given one more thing that had become very dear to me the moment I opened up a gift box.

It is a charming silver necklace that my music teacher so thoughtfully presented me with. I have been so touched by this beautiful gift, that it instantly gets into the category "memories dear to me", the things I will cherish forever.

I had to stop taking my piano lessons for now, and already miss seeing Mrs. D. on a weekly basis. Learning to play piano with her tender, yet firm, teaching approach has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. I pledge to continue playing the "old pieces" and will try to encourage myself to try new ones. Thank you, Mrs. D. for everything you've taught me and our daughter.
We love you!

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