Thursday, July 02, 2009

A day with curly hair.

What do you do when it rains outside? You could do a lot of things, like bake cookies, draw, do arts and crafts, play with the toys, watch a good movie, sew, play a board game, write a letter, and, of course, read. What do you do if it has been poring for days already and you have done all those things mentioned before over and over again?
Then you need to come with new ideas! And that is always an exciting thing in our house! As we've been reading L. I. Wilder's "Little House on the Prairie" series, we came across the cloth strips being mentioned to make the hair curly. And then I remembered that's exactly what we used to do when I was little and the girls begged to make their hair curly. So, the fun began!
We ripped some old shirts and rapped newspaper strips around the cloth to make it sturdier. The trick for the curls to last longer is to dampen the hair locks with beer, that's if you want to go "all natural", without adding any modern conveniences of hair sprays and foams. The girls couldn't wait for the next morning to finally take the cloth strips off and see their curls. Leona felt uncomfortable on the pillow, feeling all those bumps, but still did not want to take them off.
And the next morning it stopped raining, and it was a gorgeous sunny day, full of opportunities to take the pictures of our girls with their new look. I was like a mad woman running with the camera after them, snapping a shot here and there. They were so cute that I couldn't stop. And now we have a whole folder of pictures named "our curly summer day".

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