Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Trully enjoying the summer.

We have been enjoying the summer to the fullest!
Right after breakfast we have been heading out to the lake, packed up with our swim gear and towels, snacks and drinks, camera and something to read.
We like the lake in the mornings the most. The mountain air is fresh and crisp, the beach is just for us and we can't stand to spend even a minute inside the house when the sun is out and the weather is beautiful.
Ivana is enjoying the swimming and the jumping part, the other two are pretending to be the scuba divers, and their "bratik" keeps me busy with his exploring of the beach and the water.
Only when he goes for a nap I can read a bit or scribble something in my notebook, or play with the girls "cooking", or my favorite "the let's take a nap on the beach" game.

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