Saturday, June 27, 2009

Friday finale.

Today we had the most amazing day of the camp. It was the last day of the dig, a "museum opening" and a Greek pot luck lunch.

Three long tables covered with real artifacts that kids had dug out in the course of four days. They sorted the artifacts according to the periods in history and were able to conclude that it was a battle site that they had discovered.

Every family brought a Greek dish to share for the lunch and, oh, boy, was a true feast!

Now we have jump started a new period in history to study for our next year. We'll be reading a lot of Greek myths and legends that I even had already purchased at the local library book sale a few weeks ago.

We'll also get some clay and do pottery, mosaics and drawing in Greek style. Well, and the Greek food is always the most favorite in our house. Leona insists on preparing a dandelion salad one day. I guess we'll have to use a lot of feta cheese, just to flavor it up! Stop by for lunch!

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