Saturday, June 06, 2009

Yellow Iris.

We have spent an afternoon fishing today. The girls went with Tata and Elvin (our friend from Honduras) on a boat all excited in anticipation for a big catch.
And the boy kept Mama a company ashore. He had his dinner and then was kind enough to snooze away a bit. Really, just a bit, but it was all I needed to play with my camera and write a few lines into my" new" (Mirek got it for me from a garage sale this morning) beautiful, hand made leather bound note book.
As I was sitting feeding Evan, I was looking at this Yellow Iris and trying to think as if I was it, the flower. What would flower's thoughts be? I drew a small sketch of this iris into my notebook...
Then I decided to take a few pictures. Here my focus was on the iris against the sky. But the flower itself was not a focal point, I kind of wanted to embrace the whole natural setting and point out the harmony in nature.
Then I decided to change the layout of the photograph , still keeping the iris and the surroundings in the picture. But this time the "wet cloud" was my point of interest. I just loved that fluffy reflection in the water.
I threw my head up and the sky became the thing I wanted to enjoy for some time.
Just walking a few steps along the lake shore I discovered another family of Yellow Irises. This time it feels that they are stronger together, kind of like a big happy family.
And micro feature is my favorite! Unfortunately my camera does not do a good job in this department and I really miss taking the photos of the micro world of insects, tiny flowers, morning dew, etc... The Sun just seems to go through the petals of the flower.
And this is not against the blue sky... It is my Iris (by then it did become mine, with all the time I was spending around it) against the water in the lake. Kind of, sort of blue, but not that sky blue. I found the background color interesting.
Then rocks came into focus on my next picture. This time it is unmistakably lake water. Just how close the iris is growing to the lake.
Oooops... Something else caught my attention. And a second later after I took this photo, a gostly beaver was gone. Thanks for the visit! And that was the end of my time when I could use both hands to hold my camera. Yes... that's rignt. Evan decided it was enough of napping, the day was too gorgeous to waste, and the scenery was captivating. So, we started taking pictures together. I put him in a sling and we ventured out a bit away from the "My Yellow Iris spot".
We took a mini hike and right behind the curve that was what we saw. I asked him if he thought it was worth taking a picture of and he happily agreed with me by enthuziastically jerking his little chubby arms and legs.
Here we decided to change to position and the photo looks even better than the previous one.
Looved the reflection of the trees in the water and the front row of yellow blubs is adding another color and changing the simplicity of the picture a bit.
Next Evan tried to grab the leaves of the tree we were passing by and it gave me an idea to try to incorporate the foilage into the photo. Ta-da. A new image.
Someting just made me look back and my jaw dropped. I am a super model with the legs up to my neck! Mirek said we should name this picture "Shadow Madonna". I had to put the camera on timer, but I am still holding it with my left hand, while supporting the baby in the sling with my right one.
And the two hours were gone so quickly, my fishermen and fishergirls were coming back with some dinner, it was time to pack up.
My Yellow Iris had kept me a good company and I couldn't wait to see my pictures on a PC screen. I will be using these lovely photos for my next family photo book. Can you ever be bored in nature? Don't think so....

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