Monday, September 15, 2008

Summer went too fast!

I can't believe it's Fall! I had so many plans for the summer, but it seemed to have flown right by me. On the other hand it was pretty relaxing and calm, which was good in a sense (read along, you'll find out soon!).
But now it is Fall, and we are back to our new homeschooling year of learning and fun again!

I have decide to simplify it a bit this year, not to take too much upon myself, and have dropped one homeschooling co-op where we were going every other week last year.
For this school year we have decided to still attend the other co-op which we have been a part of for two years already. The girls love going there, and Ivi often says that she wants to go to the co-op forever. Leona started going to the preK classes last year, and enjoyed every minute of it. This year both of them have some new and exciting classes. For example, Ivi has "Shakespeare", and after the first class she kept on talking about the Bubonic Plague, she made notes during the class and shared the new info with Daddy in the evening. Shakespeare is not a new name for her, and that's why I feel that it is a kind of reinforcement for her of what she had already know from last year when we studied Shakespeare at home.
She will also have a very nice Art program, and during the first class they were using oil pastels to create a autumn landscape. A new subject at the co-op is Science, with some homework to do. And, she will be taking violin lessons finally, she has been asking about it since she was like 3 years old. And besides that, she will have Music/chorus with learning to play a recorder, and Gym, where the teacher is a Mom who coaches soccer. So, I am very excited about the prospect of the full year for both of the girls, as I see how much they enjoy going there and how much they learn.

We also are doing the dance class for both of them, a weekly trip to the local library, a theater program with the local Shawnee Playhouse and Gymnastics in the winter.

Did I say that I had simplified the year for us? Well, now that I have put it in writing, it doesn't seem like the case. But, the classes are back to back for both girls, so I don't have to be driving like a mad woman from place to place dragging 18 months old along, plus another sweet little bundle of joy coming to our family very soon. Yep, haven't you heard yet?

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