Saturday, October 06, 2007

A trip to the past.

Today we went back in time!

We visited Millbrook Village, part of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Area, a re-created community of the 1800s where aspects of pioneer life are exhibited and demonstrated by skilled and dedicated volunteers throughout the village. Although most of the buildings in the village are replications, Millbrook has a real past.

And today we were able to see a lot of crafts, trades and everyday tasks of the 1800s performed for us by the volunteers at this great historical event. Kids and adults alike were dressed in clothes of the colonial America. And we saw wood carving, slate making, manual apple pressing to make fresh cider, candle making, wool spinning, dyeing the yarn, apple butter cooking, furniture making and also saw a lot of old machinery still in working condition.

Ivana's participation in "Spelling Bee" in the Millbrook school #82 was a success. Later in a day she got to play the games, and then both of the girls went wild in the pile of freshly fallen leaves with Mirek adding to the fun.

The weather was perfect, even a bit too hot for the month of October. So were coming home drained and exhausted, both me and Mirek ready for a nap. Yer, right!

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