Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Out of our kids' mouths.

I want to remember how funny kids can be, so I decided to write Ivana's and Leona's "smarties" down.

I was so excited to have the newly bought placing mats on the table for dinner. You know, the human body, the map of the world, the flags of all countries, the USA map, so we can combine the pleasure of eating with the beauty of learning without pressure. So, we sat down to have our meal, and I was asking Ivana all the questions, tell me this and tell me that... She looked up at me with her calm green eyes, and said,"But Mom, I don't want to talk, I want to eat! I am really hungry!"

We saw a cute tiny dog the other day. It was one of those breeds that you can easily squeeze into your pocket. And it looked almost unreal, it was the size of Leonka's favorite toy dog that she sleeps with. When Leona saw the dog, she was so surprised and excited, that she expressed it with words, "Mommy, this dog is even cuter than Milana!"

Yesterday, I was cooking lunch downstairs and was listening to Ivana and Leona talking to each other, while playing "doctor and patient". There was a lot of "blabbing" going on, and then I overheard Leona saying, "Ivanka, let's pretend I don't have a broken neck anymore! OK?"

Leona was playing with Milana and gave her some dried grass to hold. Mirek was nearby and told her, "Fee, don't give it to Milna." As Mirek talks Czech to the girls, and his language is a little blunt sometimes, Leonka simply replied, "To neni govno, Tati!" (an important translation remark, "govno"-shit). It's like looking in the mirror!

Milana is rather large for her age, she is a "big chunk of a baby", as people sometimes call her. "Big cheeks" nickname has stuck to her long time ago. Now she has been crawling, going all over the house, getting under the chairs and table, picking up stuff and putting everything in the mouth. I was looking at her yesterday while she was in her moving mood and could not believe how fast they grow. I said, "I can't believe this peanut, and she is on her fours already, travelling the world!" Mirek, always having something funny to say, replies, "She is not a peanut, she is a cashew, or a Brazil Nut!" I think Milana has a new nickname now!

To finish up the post, I came across a great saying:
"The most wasted day of all is that during we have not laughed". -Sebastian R. N. Chamfort.

By the way, when we went peach picking the signs everywhere were just screaming into your face, "Please, do dot eat the produce before it's paid for". Can you guess what Mirek is doing?

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