Tuesday, October 30, 2007

NJ Symphony Orchestra.

I have to confess that since we've had kids, I kind of slowed down on listening to music. There is always someone blabbing, talking, singing, asking questions, reading, crying... simply said, too much noise all day long! We've been listening to children's songs in the car while going for trips, and I am tired of those songs! Honestly, it's been six years, and there is no end to them since Milana is still a baby, and she will enjoy the music as well.

But last week we went for a live concert performed by NJ Symphony Orchestra. And there are no words to describe the beauty and splendor of music when you are in the concert hall and experiencing it live! I took all 3 of them with me. Milana was so great, she was actually dancing to the beat and soundlessly clapping with her little puffy hands and later decided to add some vocals to show her approval of the music. A couple of "aaaa" and "uuuu" were heard by the members of the audience nearby, but nobody seemed to mind since the concert was for kids and the hall was full of the mini people!

I kept on looking at Ivana's face to see her reaction. Her eyes were just glued to the stage, I asked her later on how she had liked it and she said that she kept on looking at the harp. Apparently, she was trying to remember the design on the instrument to try to copy it when she would come home. Her favorite part was the dancers and the fact that there was an episode from Jack Offenbach's "Can Can" that she knows and really likes.

Leona was sitting nicely for a while, but half way had lost interest and was telling me that it was a bit too loud. Too funny!

I think I should start thinking about introducing more of the classical music to the girls. Mozart and Vivaldi are my favorite. But there is so much beautiful music written by Russian composers, and I am planning to teach my girls to know not only Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker", but also Glinka, Mussorgsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Rachmaninov, and Dvorzhak as a representative form Tata's land.

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