Saturday, April 03, 2010

Yarn Eggs.

Making yarn eggs was a perfect example of creating something that seemed very easy in the beginning but required patience and some expertise.
Scrambled eggs for breakfast for a family of 6 and we had already a dozen blown eggs to wrap in yarn that made a great decoration for our Easter celebration.
The white glue did not work that well. The yarn slipped off the egg in the middle and we had to try a glue with a stronger bonding capacity. We decided to use wood glue and it worked better. Our wood glue was somewhat old, thick and sticky and worked just fine on the egg shell.
The girls wanted to try to make one yarn wrapped egg themselves. But after almost completing one Ivana's yarn came off and she did not want to do it all over again. I had to show her a good example and did it instead of her. And the egg came out great.
We used the whatever scrapes of yarn I happened to have. I think the eggs came out pretty, with some not so typical Easter colors.

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