Monday, April 12, 2010

Art on the beach.

When a morning shows all the signs of a beautiful day, there is no way our family will stay indoors. We have been known for eventually getting tired of the things to do and places to visit that are in the neighborhood. So our exploratory spirit keeps on haunting us.

We woke up, not so early, had breakfast, in no rush, and then around 11am decided that we wanted to go somewhere. A sunny day in the spring...Hmmm, where should be go?..Hmmm...The beach!!!

It is a bit over 2 hours drive from home to the Atlantic shore, but during those few minutes that it took the parents to ponder, the girls were saying in unison that it was SO worth the drive!
So, fifteen minutes later we were on the road!
We stopped by at a supermarket to get a few things for our picnic and before we knew it, we were looking at the blue vastness, smelling the fresh sea breeze, feeling the warm sand and trembling with the excitement of being by the ocean.
I took our mini art supply kit, so we got to paint a few shells. Even the baby was happy to participate. We all had a great time. Whether we played games, collected shells, painted, played with the waves, chased the gulls, tried to surf cast, went for a shore treasure hunt (finding a sea flee in place of a treasure), everybody felt like we had soaked up on happiness.
Happy "artsing" on the beach! Good for your heart, good for your soul, good for your spirituality.

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