Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We- the artists...

Artist: Leona, age 5, "A New Baby", paper, 12'x9', poster paints.

Artist: Ivana, age 8, "Emperor Penguins Family", paper 12'x9', poster paints.
Artist: Julia, we'll skip the age (:0), "Love is in the air", paper, 12x9, poster paints.
Artist: Joan Paley, illustrator to the book "The Emperor Lays an Egg", handpainted paper collage.

The most inspiration any artist would find is, no doubt, in the nature, in the world that surrounds us. But, the other artist's work can also be a very valuable source of another artist's inspiration.
When we were reading this book with the girls, I had a strong feeling I would like to draw some of these beautiful images with them in our art session.

Taking into consedaration that the illustrations in the book were actually not paintings, but paper collages, the lines were easy to work with. And absence of many details made this page an absolutely perfect art project idea for the young aspiring artists.

Because the emperor penguins could be thinner or fatter, we had to use the book image only as a guide and it did not matter that Leona got to use more space on her paper and Ivana made her penguins look a bit distant.

A little chick is an adorable focal point on the picture and simply melts your heart away. Don't you think?

And we have found out that working with poster paints on a water color paper produces great results in color quality and makes it easier to handle the lighter/darker shades of the same color.

The bright bellies of the birds and the outstanding purple/blueish background make me want to look at the picture more. Simply, it makes me happy!..

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