Sunday, March 07, 2010

Last snow?

I guess it IS the last snow this winter season. We were lucky to get so much of it that we had a lot of great times playing outside. With building, the usual, the family of snow people, making an igloo right in front of the porch (we'll be looking at it till, like, what, June?), sledding, skiing, snow ball fights. I also made color sprays for the girls to do the "snow art". With having red, blue and green to spray on the white snow it was fun to color the white world around us away.

Snowman looked bloody with red all over it, so we put more snow to cover it up. And then the girls got book inspired and made those mini domes to put the candles in. During the day time it was great to see then colored, and when it got dark, it was simply adorable to see the candle light outside from the window. It felt like we kind of said farewell to winter...

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