Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wild pear tree.

We are taking small steps towards our dream to be able to homestead. This time we have discovered a wild pear tree that we are claiming as ours and want to make preserves for the winter. It is covered with pears! The branches are hanging down with all the pear weight on them almost like begging to be rid of the burden. Take them! Take them! Pick those pears! Help me!
Tata, a creative mind as he is, has come up with a special device to pick the pears. The tree is too high to climb, we didn't want to shake it, and wanted to take as much as we needed without wasting the fruits. Mirek made a net and we were ready to harvest the wild organic pears. He would snip each pear from the tree, collect a few into the net and bring the net down so that we put the pears into the bag. It did happen occasionally that when he snipped and shook the branch other pears fell down and got damaged. So, we ended up with two bags. One was for the nice pears we'd keep in the basement over winter and eat as they ripen, and the other was for the damaged ones that we had to process at home right away so that they didn't rot.

The girls were helpful at the beginning and then were running around, chasing each other on a green field. We were happy picking and excited about making the pear butter. The pear butter came out great and we baked a few cakes with it. We also have a few jars with pear kompot for the winter and a pretty big box of nice pears to eat. It was all for free and nice time spent together.

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