Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Boating and mushrooms.

It was the day we decided to try to go boating on a new lake. It's a lake about 45 minutes drive from our house and it's a bigger lake than the ones we usually go boating on. So we were excited and Mirek wanted to try to catch some fish for dinner. The trip plans had to be changed almost on the spot as the lake was full of weeds and the electric motor was getting stuck and simply refused to work. We had to pack and go back to our favorite lake. The lake where we had let our snapping turtle free and where we had spent countless hours fishing, and where I had had great opportunities to snap a few shots. It's our Sunny Hill Lake.

And this time it did not disappoint us. The dinner was being taken care of, I did get to take a few cute shots, we had a great time and as an extra bonus picked a ton of mushrooms.
We spotted a bunch of mushrooms on the shore and just kind of docked to pick them up. It was one of our favorite types, the Red Slippery Caps, which are in abundance this season.
And very quickly that bunch turned into a huge pile that was growing bigger and bigger right before our eyes. The mushrooms were everywhere! We had no bags or anything suitable to put them into, so a quick idea of transporting them in the boat was the only way. We separated the front of the boat with the foam seat and piled them up right there.

In the evening we processed the harvest and now have a few jars for winter. We'll be going mushroom pcking again soon! The thrill is in the air!

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