Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wild blueberries.

Until this year we never have suspected that we've been living in a Wild Blueberries Paradise Land! Oh, my! This year they were so abundant all over the place! No need to drive anyway, no need to pay even a penny! Right by the lake there is one bush and almost everyday we were able to pick a few handfulls and ooops ... straight into our mouths!

The other day we went on a family wild blueberry picking adventure! In a little while we had all our containers filled, our tummies filled and the bushes somewhat empty.
The berries are not as sweet as the cultured ones, but it didn't bother us at all! The sourness was so refreshing and the aroma was so strong that we wanted more! And there was plenty!

We decided we wanted to freeze a part of the harvest, but with all those peaches and backing and more eating, there was nothing left to freeze. Oh, well! They are more valuable fresh, anyway. So, the kids got their"brain food" as Mirek called the blueberries. I am expecting them to be extremely smart this coming home school year!

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