Thursday, August 06, 2009

It's the Peaches season!

I remember being a child and approaching the peek season for certain fruits and veggies when your body is craving the vitamins and your mouth is trying to remember the taste. We didn't have the luxury of having the produce available all year around. Most of the fruits and veggies were seasonal. And when they were in season, boy!!! did they taste great! I still can't stand the plastic taste or no taste at all of those items reminding the fruits and veggies from the supermarket. Shiny, all sized up without any flavor or real taste. Brrrr ... Give me the real thing! Let it be once a year. I'll be fine! I'll eat them non stop until I want to look at them no more... till next year.
And that is what we 've been doing lately. Eating peaches till we can't look at them no more! It is the season and they are unbelievable! We are fortunate to have a local farmer's stand not that far from us and that's where we've been getting our fresh produce. Getting the peaches graded "second" did not spoil our appetite. The better ones we gobble, well, the kids gobble them up almost like a swarm of locusts, and with the more damaged fruits we experiment by baking and cooking with them. We have called it "the art of turning the second grade peaches into the first grade pies and tarts". We have baked a lot of pies already and I think we are about the have it for the season.
When Mirek brought a box full of peaches yesterday the girls were complaining, "Peaches, again? Why didn't you buy some apples instead?"
But when I suggested baking there eyes lit up again. They really enjoy spending time in the kitchen.

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