Sunday, December 07, 2008


Today I am feeling very , very sad... Grandma (Babicka) left home after having spent over a month with us. She came to help us when we were expecting our little prince who didn't want to be born on time. So, we waited and waited for two weeks, enjoyed ourselves meanwhile, being able to leave the girls with Babicka and go places just the two of us! What a treat it was! Just to run errands without having three permanent tails attached to us was so relaxing. We forgot how it feels to be alone , without the kids, and it was definitely refreshing for us as a couple!
The girls LOVE Babicka and would not leave her alone. Leona was even waiting for Babi by the bathroom door. It took Milana only half a day to warm up to Grandma, thanks to Skype, I think. She was used to hearing Grandma's voice and seeing her on the screen of the computer. All her brain had to digest was how Babi was able to step OUT of the screen and come alive!
Girls had so much fun with Grandma!They did crafts together, read books in Czech, planted tulips for the spring blooming since it was quite a challenge for me to bend already.
What a blessing it was to have her over! She was such a tremendous help that there are no words to express my gratitude and appreciation for everything she has done for us while I was (and still am) adjusting to running the household with the newborn in a tow. She helped to have the house clean, kids happy, stomachs full and everybody's moods uplifted.
It is hard for the girls to let Babicka go. Yesterday they were packing up their suitcases and getting ready to go to the Czech Republic. Ivana was ready to give up her "teeth money", $22 total, for the air fair. Only one thing keeps us from bursting out into crying is the fact that Grandpa is coming in a week! Yeppee!.. Something else to be looking forward to in these cold snowy days, besides Christmas!
Thank you, Babi! We will miss you! When I asked her when should we expect her to pay us a visit again, she said, "Well, when you are going to have another one, I'll have to come". OMG...That's blackmailing!
Have a safe flight and we'll see you on Skype again!