Sunday, November 02, 2008

A day in the back yard.

You can actually have some really good times while getting ready for the winter and preparing wood for the fire place... Mirek came up with a new toy for the girls! He made them a sea saw! After a few try outs, limbs getting scratched and Milana falling over they finally got the hang of it! Having so much fun together!
And the amount of leaves around the house was driving me into depression. Usually we try to do clean them little by little, but this year we haven't even started yet, until today! Here Ivana is working really hard (smile!) as a super weight not to let the leaves fall from the wheel barrow.
And, finally, two days over my due date, trying to keep myself busy! Have you tried shovelling the snow or raking the leaves being 9 months pregnant? I have! Great way to exercise!
The good news is that the baby was not a "Halloween baby", and the bad news is that I could still wait for another 12 days! Our babies simply don't rush to enter this world, all of them took their time! And this one is obviously no exception!

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