Sunday, August 05, 2007

A trip to the Zoo.

We haven't been taking day trips lately, due to having a baby and my car not being in order. But last weekend we managed to go to a zoo, "Paws and Claws". As much as we don't like to see the poor animals suffering in cages with very little to do, but the kids always enjoy seeing the animals. There were big cats, like lions and tigers. And there was mine and Ivana's favorite, a giraffe.

But we didn't even get to see all of the zoo occupants. We got caught up in a rain. And it was quite a storm! It was too late to run to the car or the gift shop, so we ended up finding a shelter in a stinky barn! With a pony, a pig, a sheep, a lama, a donkey, and a bull. The thunders were so severe and right above us, it was lightning after lightning, deafening noise, got pretty cold and was pouring, pouring, pouring...

I had to nurse Milana in a squatting position, with lama dangerously staring right at me, probably contemplating to spit into my face, and the bull doing its natural activity, like peeing, right next to me. In about ten minutes the smells stopped bothering my delicate nose. And it was good, because we stayed in a barn for about an hour.
Ivana needed to use the bathroom (AAAAA!!!)... So we decided, if the bull could do it, why couldn't she?

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