Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nubian breakfast.

I have been asked why I do such a subject as History with a 8,5 and 2 year olds, learning about all the things that don't interest them, don't make sense to them and their little brains can't even comprehend. Why not to learn things that they can see around, that are easier to understand and used in everyday life.

We do learn about things around us. We go for hikes year round, we spend a lot of hours reading books on various subjects, we have playdates with friends, we do art together, learn musical instruments, and so much more that is right for their age level that they absorb and understand effortlessly.

But I have always been an advocate for giving children a little push and exposing them to things that are way higher for their intellectual level. When we read a book together that everybody is enjoying, adults including, and when there is a great language for them to hear and a wonderful plot of the story to follow, why would one want to wait when the kids are "old enough " to comprehend. I am not talking here about the age inappropriate literature or those books that I even have hard times calling "literature".

But a lot of times kids are not given a lot of credit, thought to be too young or immature. And you would not know what the kids are capable of until you try. And we do not do the drills with them to learn and memorize the dates, or the names, or even the big historical events. Right now I am exposing them to the subject, hoping to spark up an interest for it and hoping to do a good job by not killing the desire to learn more when they do get bigger and would understand more. That's why the major motto is "to have good times"! And any teaching or learning experience should be thought of as a tool to provide the pieces of puzzle for the children to put together later in life!

As we are continuing with our studying history, we have been learning about Egypt and Nubia. We read books, watched a few episodes on Utube, made a craft. Yesterday when we stopped by at a health food store we picked up some organic millet and today the question "what's for breakfast" was answered "a Nubian royal breakfast".
Cooked millet with some butter and and sliced almonds, sweetened with chopped dates, cold raw milk poured over ... What a treat! The breakfast was very yummy, everybody liked it and we thought we'd have it some time soon again.

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