Thursday, November 29, 2007

I don't need to eat. Just let me take pictures!

This morning we woke up to a thick, thick fog. By the time we had breakfast and sat down to read new books from the library, it had started to snow. The flakes were enormous, coming down so rapidly, but not staying on the ground or the branches. Within half an hour they had turned into rain, making mess on our freshly cleaned windows, that my Mom- in-law so graciously had helped me to do. Well...she cleaned them all by herself, for what I am thankful from the bottom of my heart! If it wasn't for her, I don't think the windows would have been cleaned any time soon. Learning to set my priorities straight has helped me a big time to not to fuss about certain things.
In about an hour after the rain had stopped the sun came out. The sky was bluer than blue, and we headed out to visit our friends in the neighborhood.
Unfortunately, we had no treats to bring for the animals (no old bread or bagels). But Ms. Tara had some for the girls to feed the goats and chickens. Leona is a "no animal lover", big time! She was petrified of the chickens running around her, pecking on the bread crumbs. She was a bit calmer this time around the cutest Nigerian Dwarf goats I have ever seen. But twice the size of her, a beautiful German Shepperd, a dog named Sam, had a privilege to give her a kiss on the cheek. I was surprised that she decided to come closer to the dog and let it lick her in the cheek!
Ivana was on the cloud nine! I could hardly keep an eye on her. She was so busy running around with her friend Livi, being silly, chasing the poor little kitty and exploring on the farm.

And the fun part for me was the fact that I was appointed to be an official photographer of the animals! My friend had asked me to take the pictures with my camera, so that she could use them on her website. She'll be breeding the goats and needs nice pictures of her priceless four legged friends to show what adorable animals they are! I took upon the assignment with responsibility. I had seven super models to document and it was not so easy! They were on the move all the time. The lighting was perfect, but since it was later in the afternoon I didn't want the shadows to overcast. It was a challenge to isolate each of them as they were mostly herding where the feed was. And trying to make them to smile, forget it! I had a lot of shots of goats' rear views! The animals probably thought of me to be a bit intrusive, so then I had to surrender and let them rub their scent glands all over my jeans and coat, so that I'd become "one of them"!

Everyone, meet Vincent!

Vincent is my friend's favorite! He is calm, friendly, has a personality and is her true "buddy".
I am also excited to be able to try to milk the goats in the spring. Something to be looking forward to in those long cold winter days!

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